Sep 272014


Dear Fans and Friends

Myself and the wife  will be away for two weeks to perform our Hajj pilgrimage Allah Willing. Therefore, I won’t be updating my blog, nor would I conduct Photo classes until I am back. In the Meantime you can follow me on instagram  as I document my experience performing the Hajj. Please follow me on instagram, by following the username:    “@salimphotography”


Take Care and see you all in couple of weeks



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Sep 192014


I just bought my latest toy, the Canon S120. I needed a small powerful camera, especially for Video Capability. And I believe the Canon S120 is the One. Here you will find a Video me reviewing this Camera and as well several quick photos I have taken to illustrate its capability. Hope you like it


PS/ Click on the Photo for High Resolutions


click here for the Video and Photos

Sep 182014

Working at the Rig site is not a Rocket Science, its very safe, all it takes is to focus, common sense and be aware of your surrounding. Avoid routine and treat each day as a New Day. I made this quick video that that hopefully illustrate what I mean by being alert. Hope you like the video, your comments as usual are appreciated.


click here to see the Video


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