Jan 242015


Another enjoyable photography session, I would like to thank all the students who attended this class, and I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did, and that you learned what you hoped you would gain today. Thank you again


Jan 242015


We conducted the First Photo Editing Class to the Students of Class of 23rd Jan 2015. I must say, I believe the Class went well, and the student learned how to be able to transform their lovely photos to a more natural beautiful look. Following is an example I used to show how to transfer a photo  to a more appealing black and white, and here is the BEFORE and AFTER the Edit. (Click on the Photo for Higher Resolution)

click here to see the Before and After of the Edited Photo

Jan 202015

Here are the Photos that Qualified for January 2015 Competition So Far. Only Three Out Of these Photos Would Win The Prizes. This Post would be Updated Every Time  a new Qualified Photo is Entered. If your Photo is not here, unfortunately, it means it didn’t qualify.

I would Ask the Qualified Photographers to Comment on What Camera They Used, Setting and The Story Behind The Photos.

To Find out How to Join Our Monthly Competition and the Prizes Click Here

Without Further A Due. The Best Photos for January 2015 Thus Far are:

Photographer: Nicholai Georgiou Category: Nature & Landscape Photography


Click here To See The Qualified Photos

Jan 182015


They say, it doesn’t matter where you go, so long you have a group of people with you, it would always be fun. I am not Saying Ashkhara wasn’t fun, on contrary it was very nice place, white beaches, amazing weather, beautiful scenery and most of all the resort (Ashkharah Beach Resort) was amazing. They had Desert Bikes, Horse Riding, indoor games (Pool Table, Tennis) and most of all their rooms were nice and cozy.
click here for more info and photos


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