Aug 292011

So we had an iftar dinner at Shangri La Hotel. And you know me, I just cant let photo opportunities passing me by, especially now that I have my leica M9 with me 24/7. Here are bunch of photos I took there, I hope you enjoy them as much I did. A note, if you really want your photography skills to become better, is to bring and take your camera every where you go, trust at first it may sound weird and strange, but after sometime it comes as natural and basically an extension of your arm. Back to Shangri la, its  a real challenge to take photos in this hotel during the night, because the lighting there is very dim, thus one need to have a very wide aperture lens or a high ISO capable lens. And as well to be able to shoot manual. For me as I mention before I do the following when I have this situation:


– Open up my lens wide open in my case was an Aperture of 2

– Reduce my shutter to as low as possible to a point that doesnt cause camera shake, in my case was 1/15, but 1/40 is a general rule of thumb

– Than I start taking photo, if I feel the photos are under exposed, I crank up the ISO until I get well exposed photos. And in this case was upto 1600 ISO

Use the above rule and you cant go wrong.

For those who are not aware, Shangri-La’s Barr Al Jissah Resort & Spa is a 124-acre (50 ha) three-hotel resort in Oman opened in late 2005. It comprises the 180-room Al Husn (“the Castle”), 198-room Al Bandar (“the Town”), and the 302-room Al Waha.










Hope you enjoyed the images, let me know which one is your favorite, your comments are appreciated



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