Sep 232011

Hi All,

So today we had our first very successful workshop at Said Bin Timur Mosque location. The agenda was spot on and then some. We all arrived at StartBucks in Madinat Qaboos around 4:30pm. Of which we took the time to setup the cameras, making sure all the main settings are all correct. Than we dewelled a little bit into the art of Photo Editing using Light Room software. The student appreciated the quick photo editing tutorial which i believe now they have the capabilities of making their photos pop out and much better pleasing to the eye. The plan was to have fives students, however only three of them showed up, which I think it was probably for the best, as I had more time to concentrate on them and to teach them what they needed to come up with their own masterpieces. So thanks to ( Irena Bielicka, Sue Churchman and  Krishna Gopal).





Around 5:30, we all head up to the location, of which we used the time to scout the scene, choose a good angle and composition for the mosque, and set the camera on the tripod and the right settings. And we just waited and chilled until the blue hour came, which was around 6:30 pm.



Finally the Blue hour came and the student were set to go. Once they were done, we all left and went back to Starbucks, of which we checked each and every’s student photo and together we edited them using light room software and below are the results. So thanks to all of you, I had a good time and I hope you too had the same, and I am proud of the photos you came up with, to me they are indeed masterpieces. Congrats and well Done. So if anyone of you are interested in such workshop, register your name now by clicking the here



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