Sep 132011

Having a single blog on Pattaya Walking Street in Thailand is just not fair. There is alot that is happening, it street photographer’s heaven. Thus I am dividing this blog into three to five volumes and will be publishing it as the time permits. Please remember I am just a messenger, I am just documenting what I see, so dont shot the messenger and just enjoy and learn from others culture 🙂


A=1.4, S= 1/60, ISO=1250



A=1.4/ S= 1/180, ISO=1000


A=2/ S= 1/90, ISO=1600


A=2/ S= 1/60, ISO=1600


A=2/ S= 1/60, ISO=2000


Let me know which of the above is your favorit as far as street and documentation photography is concerned.


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