Oct 092011

Here are the last of the photos from Manila in a city could intramuros. Intramuros is the oldest district in the present day city of Manila, the capital of the Republic of the Philippines. Nicknamed the “Walled City”, Intramuros is the historic fortified city of Manila during the Spanish Colonial Period located then along Manila Bay and south of the Pasig River entrance, before 20th-century reclamations obscured the city from the bay. Guarding the city is Fort Santiago, a citadel located at the mouth of the river. Construction of its thick defensive walls were started by the Spaniards in the late 16th century to protect the seat of the Spanish government from foreign invasions (most notably British and Dutch) and raiding Chinese sea pirates. Its name in Spanish, intramuros, literally means “within the walls”.

If you ever in Philippines, make sure you visit this district, its different, tons of photo opportunity and most of all its different and interesting. Once you are in the wall, you will notice guards in the old spanish outfit. They are serious, but very happy to pose for you for  a photo shot such as the photos below





Something will never miss while you are inside the walls, in the district intramuros are the hours carrige, they represent as a form of transportation inside the city. And the best way to visit every inch is to ride on one of them, its cheap and yet very joyful




And ofcourse, even though its touristic city,  people do live in intramuros, going about with their daily routine







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