Dec 272011

So I attended the ceremonial opening of the 18th Annual Photography exhibition yesterday that took place at the Oman Society of Fine Art. Basically, every year photographers participate in this competition and hoping thier work would be recognized and some even win. This year, the photos were to be either in Open Theme where anything goes or the people lives black and white theme. Each photographers were allowed to submit four photos for each theme. I for one submitted four photos in the black and white theme.

I know, I know I should have submitted the open theme as well, but I was lazy to tell you the truth and it was last minute participation. Anyway the four below photos are the ones I have submitted


1) Daily Life at Interamours-Philippines

(2) Tri-Workers


(3) A Lady at Work



(4) Construction Workers


Now, there were 950 photos submitted for this  competition of which only 160 photos been accepted to be exhibited at the Exhibition. Dont ask me what criteria they have chosen and quite frankly it doesnt matter. To me, photo is a personal taste, its very subjective and if you put two judges together no one of them would agree on what makes a photo much appealing to another. Neverthless, a beautiful photo is a beautiful photo and it can be spotted miles away. To me all the above photos are very beautiful, but what makes it winning the top prizes is anyone guest. I did win alot of prizes before and some I believe I didn’t deserve it as they were much better photos in my opinion.

To make the story short, the judges decided that Photo number three (Lady at Work) is the photo worthy to be exhibited?.

Let me ask you this. Do you agree, do you consider the third photo is the best among the four?. Let me know what is your opinion and what photo you prefer the most?


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  1. My preference is 1st 2nd 4th and then 3rd picture. I would have included picture 1 and 2.

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