Jul 242012

Always, putting human elements in a photo creates this mysterious artistic look. Ofcourse one need to know when and where that element would work the best. In this photo for example, I knew shooting the hallway wont create so much drama, after all its just a hallway inside the famous HAGIA SOPHIA in Istanbul (Hagia Sophia is a former Orthodox patriarchal basilica, later a mosque, and now a museum in Istanbul, Turkey.) . So I decided to use my wife to give the photo a more kick. So I asked her to move away from me and for her just to walk normally away. And I took snap. For this one, I needed a higher shutter speed to freeze the subject and at the same time it was indoor i needed a high ISO to get that high shutter. Thus I had to reduce my aperture to the lowest the lens can handle. In this case it was 2.8 as I had to use the ZEISS lens (21mm) to get as much wide inside the frame as possible

Hope you like it



  3 Responses to “Inside Hagia Sophia (Turkey-Istanbul)”

  1. very nice

  2. Great Pic Salim!

    When are you planning to do some workshops!


  3. wowww,, wounder full.. i love the natural color of walls,,did u use any lighting for this pic..

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