Dec 222012

Camera: Nikon D3S, Aperture: 20, ISO: 100, Shutter: 1/6 seconds ( My flash light was used to light up the place)



Askar (Arabic: عسكر‎) is a village on the south eastern coast of Bahrain. It is inhabited by members of the Al Buainain tribe, among others. It is also home to the shrine of Sa’sa’a bin Sohan, a companion of Imam Ali.

Land Reclamation is the thing in Bahrain, those who oppose and those who support. One thing is for sure it effect the fishing industry and the million of dollars given for free to developers could have easily support the country’s failing fishing industry. This stranded boat says it all

Bahrain – Lonely Boat at Askar Beach

“They do not knowingly persist in the wrong they have done. Their reward is forgiveness from their lord, and the gardens in Paradise beneath which rivers flow. There they shall abide. How good is the reward of those who sincerely do good!” (Al Imran 3:133-136)”

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