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His name is Fahad Al-Rawahi, he is 38 years old, he has four kids and a wife, he draws a monthly income from Social Insurance of 208 Omani Rials of which he pays 180 Rials for Rent (Water and Electrical Bill included). You do the math?. One of the thousands cases in Oman, some are even much worst.

Fahad is different though, he cant work, well he better dont, he suffers a case of Psychophrenia. So yes, he is a person you dont want to push him too far. But who can blame him?. How would one expect a person to run a household with a measly RO 20 per month



He has four beautiful children Shahd, her eldest daughter, 15 years old,  refused to be taken photo of her, simply because she is ashamed seeing her parents asking for help every now and than, show vows that she will get them out of this miserable life by working hard with her studies. Majd is 12 years old, very smart boy, very charming. Wajd is nine years old, and is a she and  their youngest son Al-Juland who is four years old.

Fahad lives in One bedroom rented house (if you want to call it a house!). The kitchen barely holds a cooker and a storing cuboard, with a fridge that doesnt work, makes you wonder whether they eat any frozen food at all?. His sitting room, which is also his master bedroom is covered with old raggedy carpet, with electrical wires running all around the place.

Fahad wife says, there are several occasion where they go to bed without dinner. Several occasions where the kids cry for hunger, several occasion they have to beg just to survive. She is total the opposite of her husband, she is very calm, very in control. She says she has to be this way, with Fahad sickness, its her that comes to the rescue and calms him down. Talking about love, it cant get better than this.


Take the time my dear readers and visitors. Take the time to help this very poor family, let us not just sit and enjoy while people like Fahad Al-Rawahi and his family suffers.

You can call Fahad Directly at (95188050) so you can offer your helping hand. Or Call the group (“Way to Firdos” at 99321332 for how you can help us on our cause)



  7 Responses to “The Case of Fahad Al Rawahi (Case #1)”

  1. My heart seems broken with this story, the amount that he earn seems only goes to the utility, i wonder what is wrong, is it the cause of living is way to high now or the salary is way too low?

  2. hi, can you tell me a little about Way to Firdos? I often donate to Dar al Atta but I’d like to know if there are other places I can donate clothes, toys, household items, food to that help local families but anonymously ? many thanks

    • Way to Firdos, is a small organization, its just me and my wife and bunch of others, where we visit the needy, understand their story and publish the story so others can help. For now, we have put their phone numbers of the needy, please call them directly and if you can help even small amount of money would be great thank

  3. Hi Salim,
    I am willing to support firdos. I would love to help the best that i can!

  4. Dear Salim,

    It saddens me to see that people in Oman live in this state.. Why aren’t these people offered the Shabbia houses.. And if we can provide free utilities to some families in Saham why not in Muscat?.

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