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Nine Members in the Family, with a Total income of RO 150 (390 USD), of which Half of it goes to Bank Loan,  and around RO30 (90 USD) goes to Utilities, leaving them with a mere RO 50 (180 USD) to live with. Is that even Possible????. This is the case of a Wonderful Woman called Um Idris. The Husband Abu Idris retired recently, at which their lives change to worst, I would say Rock Bottom.

They Live in a House located in Wadi Kabir, of which it belongs to Um Idris Family inheritances, her share its a mere Two bedroom and Two toilets. Creatively, to make it into a liveable home, she turned One bedroom into a Sitting room and turned One Toilet to A Kitchen. Sadly though, we couldnt distinguish which room is which, you would notice a Cooker in the middle of a sitting room, and some cooking pans inside a toilet!

Her kids consists of Three boys and Five Girls, of which the eldest being the Girl and she is married and living with her husband, in more or less the same poor condition. Idris is her eldest son, who just turned 18, sadly though, he failed his high school, and such situation who can blame him, and now he is looking for a job. He was their hope, but when only things could be better, it became worst



Bedroom Where all the Members of The Family sleep in



Refrigerator in the Middle of a Sitting Room



Bedroom Where all the Members of The Family sleep in


This is Kitchen, which used to be a Toilet. A very small toilet



Entrance to the Kitchen



Cooker in the Middle of a Sitting Room



Take the time my dear readers and visitors. Take the time to help this very poor family, let us not just sit and enjoy while people like Um Idris and Her family suffers.

You can call Um IDris  Directly at (92542053) so you can offer your helping hand. Or Call the group (“Way to Firdos” at 99321332 for how you can help us on our cause)

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  1. Hi Salim,

    Same as the comment I made on the case of Fahad…
    I believe this family should be fast tracked on the Shabbia Houses development, if that still exists.

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