Jul 282013

This Photo was taken in Jordan, in one of their historic roman remains. Its always a pleasure when one have the opportunity to play with light. And this particular moment was no different. And with this moment where one need to understand how to operate the Manual Settings of the Camera. The trick here being ISO. Being inside a dark room, high iso was a must. But the light helped in maintain a good shutter speed just enough to avoid the shake. And this was the results

Camera: Nikon D90, ISO: 1600, Aperture: 5 and Shutter: 1/60

About the Photo:

Qasr Bashir (aka Q’Sar Bashir or Qasr Al Bashir), is an extremely well preserved Roman fortress that lies in the Jordanian desert. Unlike many Roman remains, Qasr Bashir is exceptionally well preserved, having never been re-built by later civilisations.

Built at the beginning of the fourth Century AD and known as Mobene, the walls of Qasr Bashir still stand intact, at a height of up to 20 feet in places, while the main entrance remains to this day. The huge corner towers still rise up two stories from the ground.


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