Aug 252013

Finally, I had the time to work on my travel book. I started off with Salzburg Austria. This would be the first series of many to come. I like to call the series “Photogenic Places”. Hence each place I visited and hopefully would visit would hold the same title followed by the country.

The book I just published called “Photogenic Places: Salzburg Austria”. This book showcases some of  my best photos in Salzburg  of Austria. Each photo has a brief description where it was taken, how and the camera type and settings. Hence I believe it would be beneficial for photographers and/or Touris alike and anyone who wishes to discover these amazing cities. I have also included our personal photos, I believe connecting to us in personal level makes the experience even more enjoyable.

Click on the Video below and browse through the page. Let me know if you like it and please feel free to buy some copies 🙂


Buy Copy(s) of the Book, Click Here


  10 Responses to “My First Travel Book (Photogenic Places: Salzburg Austria)”

  1. Dear Mr Salim,
    OMG the photos are beautiful, the hard work and patience to create this beautiful shots can be seen.
    there is master piece in each photo of yours. There is story behind each photo of yours.
    i defiantly going to purchase the book.
    Great work and lots to learn from your work.

    jaikumar menon

  2. Hi Salim,
    Its fantastic!! and you covered nice landscapes of australia.
    Its a nice place with full of greenery.

  3. Nice & beautiful work so good to see

  4. Hi Salim.. its nice to find out there Omani photographer who cross the border of his country and doing such wonderful works.. All the best Salim.. We hope to see your book about Omani soon…

  5. Hi Salim, I have been to Austria. But, Austria looks more beautiful through your lens!

  6. Dear Salim,
    Great work. I admire your dedication and hard work put on all your works. regards

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