Aug 252013

Today we had the first workshop at the Muscat Grand Mosque. And i believe it went very well. The candidates arrived at my place around 3PM. We had a quick presentation on basic of photography, I quickly went through the exposure triangle (ISO, Shutter and Aperture) and how the relate each other and what they do.

Than we discuss the software Lightroom and how one can go about editing their photo using this powerful software. AT around five oclock, we all were set to go to the Mosque, we hoped into my car, everyone brought their Cameras and Tripod. We arrived at the mosque around 5:15pm, we scouted the area, and every candidate chose their angle and claimed their spot. They all set the camera, I was there guiding them the correct settings and composition. Once around the blue hour time, they start taking photos.

We were done around 7:00pm, we than all went back to my place, download their RAW photos, and individually we edited the photo using Lightroom and at the same time showing them how lightroom works again and the various ways and means of using it to bring the photos back to life. Once all the photos were touched up to their liking. The candidates went ahead and had snacks while I went and print the photos using my professional printer (Canon Pro 9500) and printed their photo (Size: 10×8″)

And thats it, below are the results.

Aperture: 13, Shutter: 15sec, ISO:100
Focal Length: 10mm
Camera: Canon 50D
Photo Taken By Nigel


Aperture: 18, Shutter: 20sec, ISO:100
Focal Length: 18mm
Camera: Canon 550D
Photo Taken By: Amit Malhotra


Aperture: 16, Shutter: 10sec, ISO:100
Focal Length: 20mm
Camera: Canon 550D
Photo Taken By: Mohamed Al-Siyabi


Aperture: 18, Shutter: 20sec, ISO:100
Focal Length: 23mm
Camera: Canon 1100D
Photo Taken By: Alex





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  8 Responses to “First Successful Muscat Grand Mosque Workshop”

  1. Salim,
    Many thanks for the course.
    We had a great time and although I have done your Crash Course in Photography it was good to have some of the finer points of how to take a good photo explained again.
    I now have my own photo that I am proud of to show everyone.
    Your knowledge and passion for photography shines through and I think your way of explaining of how to get a good composition in your photos goes a long way in making photography a lot more interesting and exciting for any amateur photographer.
    Here’s looking forward to the next workshop.
    Thanks and Regards,

  2. Thanks Salim,

    A very interesting Friday!!
    It was great to start the workshop with a refresher on digital photography.

    The intelligent usage of “blue light” , “scouting and picking up the best angles”, finer tips on exposure were all very useful to make the right photograph!!

    Also, it was fun to learn the smart use of Ligthroom to bring out the best elements in the photograph .

    Enjoyed every bit of learning!! You made it very simple and exciting!!

    More clicks!!

  3. dear salim great to know about the workshop. After the crash course my camera is back in its bag as usual in in its sleep mode. your workshop intimation is a wake up call and Iam looking forward to make use of the opportunity.Can you please tentatively tell me a date so that I may be able to fix my other engagements.

  4. Hi Salim,

    Had a great time at the workshop and also learned key skills to help me kick-start my digital photography.

    Very much look forward to next workshop and in order to further my technical skills.

    Best regards


  5. Hi Salim,

    I had a busy day today but the workshop was a big success for all of us.

    starting with the brief introduction to world of DSLR, the most amazing part was being in the mosque taking images like how the professionals do getting everything composed at the right angle with perfect exposure,,, well I think the images we took speak about it self 🙂 .

    I loved the way you use to brig the images back to life with your very little touches in Lightroom, it is simple and straight forward without any complication or manipulation. This will help me correcting my images forever…

    I really enjoyed meeting a master in photography and had good time with Nigel, Amit and Alix.

    I’m looking forward to another workshop to improve my skills.



  6. Hi Salim, Great, You have made these guys professional photographers instantly, congratulations! I would like to join for one , please let me know the date and venue, Regards, Sashi Thacholi

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