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I would like to thank the class 31st August 2013 for being such a wonderful students. I hope you all liked the class today, and gain good knowledge   I would appreciate if you could let me know how did you think of the class and whether I should improve on anything, your comments are appreciated.

For those who have not attended the class, click here fore more info

  22 Responses to “Class of 31st August 2013 Thank you”

  1. Nice photo

  2. I really enjoyed the course and it will help me in my field of study as a graphic designer. Also the group is small so I managed to gain more knowledge.
    It is such a unique experience, Thank you Salim!

  3. Excellent course.. So many things learned.. So many mistakes corrected.. Just eager to get out and start shooting again with confidence..
    Thanks Salim bhai 🙂

  4. The course was compact, material was well composed, presentation was short and sleek, discussion was knowledge sharing and at end of the day you realize that it’s not the camera but the man behind it which matters the most. For me, it was more to see, listen and understand a person who manages his highly challenging professional life and still nurtures his passion which has started paying him back even. Also pleased to meet so many hobby photographers around Muscat who are keen to shoot in a better way. Thoroughly enjoyed the session. Thanks to Salim for his lovely hospitality and all others for being so wonderful participants.

  5. I finally made it to a class! … Salim it was a great experience learning the basics the proper way… There is a direction for me now… It was great interacting with the group… I look forward to the course on editing and the field trip….

  6. Hello Salim,

    The course designed by you was quite impact full. Gained alot of knowledge in the right manner. The class was really fun and interactive. It was a great experience and learning was fun. Looking forward for more workshops conducted in future…

  7. It was really fascinating and that helps me to clarify the doubts with an added knowledge.
    Moreover it didn’t feel like a class. It was an interesting experimental lab. Hopefully from now on I can “make” photo. Thanks a lot Salim bhai and expecting your help in future.

  8. Prior to our session, I had developed cold feet about how to proceed having bought the camera and obviously read stuff. However, the concepts were still unclear and there was a certain amount of ambiguity with the information on the web. Thanks to your valuable tips, these were washed away and introduced simplicity and clear thinking with the concepts. It was great fun interacting with the others and I look forward to the editing session sometime soon. It’s time to put the concepts into practice now and looking forward to take big strides in the near future.
    Thanks a lot Salim and I’ll be sure to keep bombing you with queries !

  9. Am really happy I joined your course even though am kinda too young.. I have always wanted to learn it though:) your course is perfect I learned soo many from you and I think you are a very good photography teacher And a photographer .Thank you soo much , and now that I know so many about photography am going to improve more inshallah , thank you again.

  10. I have to thank Mr.Cherian for giving me the lead about you, Salim which made me want to complete something that I did not do in all these years. Though I have dabbled at Photography for long, having known other friends be more successful at it, I did not push myself to go structured. Saturdays class taught me that one must pursue what he believes in, as you have done and achieved in a very short time. I have known a thing or two about photography but your enthusiasm and drive put more impetus on me to do more and ‘focus’ on the what is to be done in the future while digging into lessons learnt and calling on using the knowledge gained and exercising patience will yield that perfect picture- tough but achievable. Your ability to mix fun with presentation at the same time during the impartation made it more interesting. I do look forward to the level 2 and 3 parts to complete. Thank you, Salim- will be in touch.

  11. All I can say i that this crash course has taught me an important aspects of photography and now it makes me think before pressing that click. I hope with more practice will make me a good photographer.

    Thank you

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