Sep 022013

I just came to know, that the new print of the 11th Grade Islamic book for Oman Government School system has my photo on the cover. Now all the student in Oman in the 11th Grade are inspired by my photo everytime they open their ISlamic book :).

If you have a son or a daughter that is in 11th Grade, please take a clean photo of the book and send it to me. Below was sent to me via Phone Message




And here is the original Photo




  6 Responses to “11th Grade Islamic Book (Photo Cover)”

  1. Wow that good news Salim.

  2. That’s awesome! Was there a contest or something for the book cover? How did they come by it?

  3. It is a real honor to get your work recognized and used in the 11th Grade Islamic book. The photo would inspire the youngsters and make a good impression that the quest for knowledge will fetch them a reward or prize at the end. This is so clearly brought in the photo. The destination also seems within reach…. Salim all credit to those officials who selected this photo for this book…

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