Sep 012013


Congratulation to Asma Al-Harthy for being such an active user on Asma has won a free one day weekend stay at Barka Resort Farm. Here is an interview with Asma


– Why you love photography?

I love photography because I love the fact that you can capture the beauty of almost anything and capture a image that may not ever capture again. I also love photography because photos create memories.

– Do you own a camera?.

Canon 60D

– Do you Own Lenses?.

EFS 18-200mm & EF 50mm
– How did you find out about Salim Photography?

I knew about Salim photography through website, and I was interested with your tips which is very useful and simple, and ofcourse I saw some of your photos are really wonderful and awesome.
– Have you attended any of Salims Classes or Workshop?. If yes, How did you find the Classes?

Yes I attended your basic classes last year 2012 and I have learn techniques and I really gain more knowledge. It’s really unique experience and in the future I would like to join your workshop.


Below are some of Asma Photographs. If you are interested in winning, please (click  here) and find out how you could be our next Contributor of the month.





  2 Responses to “Asma Al-Harthy (Contributor of the Month-August 2013)”

  1. Keep it up

  2. Congrats!!!

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