Sep 172013
Leica M9, Leica M9-P, Leica 50mm summilix, A:1.4, S:1/1000, ISO:160

Leica M9, Leica M9-P, Leica 50mm summilix, A:1.4, S:1/1000, ISO:160

What makes this photo a good photo to me

– Subject Matter:

Women Fishing, which is not something you see every day in Oman

– Photographer & Viewer:

I used two composition technique here. One is the Rule of third and the other one is the horizon on 1/3 below the photo. Hoping that you will see both. Also, there were a lot of things going on in this photo, I been eying her for five minutes until she was alone for simplicity purpose. Not to mention her pose was important, I took three different photos, I like this one when she picked up the fishing stick. Finally I on purpose exposed on the highlight and locked it down so that I can get a silhouette effect, making the photo more dramatic, adding this with depth of field as a result of using low aperture made it even more dramatic


Let me know what you think? and if you have any further questions?. And whether you like this way of explaining my daily photos using the THREE element of composition which I teach during the classes?

  4 Responses to “Fisherwoman”

  1. Amazing salim. Your style is unqiue. Very serene and simple

  2. It’s interesting what you say about the horizon. I need to look back at my own images that contain horizons. I love that your subject is a Muslim woman doing something not commonly seen anywhere in the Muslim world, yet alone Oman! Good job Br. Salim!

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