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Probably this could be the best picture I took this year, for many reasons. For one, the effort I went through to get this particular angle which reminded me, not anyone can claim to be a photographer. A Real photographer need to do his homework, plan ahead of time and find superb and different view points. As i always tell my students, to create a GREAT photo it depends on three main elements (1) Subject Matter, (2) View Point and (3) The Photographer. If one managed to get these three element perfectly, than most likely the photo would be very good in all aspect

This particular one was no different. For one, the subject matter is the famous Petronas Twin Tower. At one point they were the tallest building in the world, but still as TWIN building they still hold that position and honor, not to mention its the main landmark in Kuala Lumpur and probably the entire Malaysia.

As for the view point, I had to a find an angle that would show these giants in a different and spectacular way. So I researched on the internet and I saw couple of photos from the same view points, and I knew instantly that I needed a wide angle lens to cover such an angle, and hence the decision was to use my wide 21mm Zeiss 2.8 Baigon. Also, on that particular view point, taking photo was totally not allowed, and I knew that in advance, but I just couldn’t accept it, hence I decided to go with my Leica M9, simply If I have taken my canon 5D Mark II, people would have assumed that I was a professional Photographer or a journalist due to the size of the Canon. With Leica M9, even though its a professional camera, but due to its small size, people tend to assume this person is an amateur and just another tourist :). AND IT WORKED after one hour worth of begging!

As for the third element, i.e. the photographer,  I had to do it different and unique to myself, to be distinguished from the others who already took more or less the same angle.For one, I choose my favorite time to take the photo, i.e. during BLUE HOUR and secondly  was to go with HDR technique. Therefore, I took five different photos at different exposures on a step of 1/3 stops. Combined that photos together using software called “PhotoMatix”. And after several editing and retouching, with photomatix and light room, this was the final look that I was satisfied and ready to show the world.


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Thanks and let me know what do you think, as usual your comments and remarks are appreciated

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  1. Salaams. Mabruk! This image is spectacular; your hard work and planning paid off. A question: you say it’s not permitted to photograph this landmark? Why?

    • Thanks saffiya. What I meant that particular view point which was inside another building on the opposite side of the towers. Actually it was inside a bar/restaurant of which they didn’t allow to take photos

  2. the viewpoint is truly spectacular. most of us had and will shoot from ground level considering the difficulty in finding a high leveation around. I faced the same problem there. its great that you always managed to go up the level and the panaromic view is great.
    One small Q. Do u use a tripod for your 21mm and is it a gorrila pod? guess yes!

  3. Brilliant click Salim ! People seldom realize the pains taken to capture a moment so spectacular. But after you explained it, it’s totally worth every bit of the struggle to get a masterpiece !

  4. It’s unique.

  5. Salim this one sure is the most spectacular click of your work. Do you agree.

  6. Excellent Salim! No doubt its a great photo! Everything looks perfect! The Angle , The shot selection,The selection of time -you favourite blue hour -, The wide angle lens, but I am not convinced about the editing, I feel the bluish hue is slightly high!! Any its only my impression, No doubt , the photo is excellent! G’luck!

  7. great pic, fantastic colour , great view.. luck you. 🙂

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