Sep 192013
Nikon D3S, Nikon 14-24mm, A:7.1, S:1/50, ISO:5000

Nikon D3S, Nikon 14-24mm, A:7.1, S:1/50, ISO:5000


Al-Rifai Mosque is one of the beautiful mosque I have visited, located in Cairo Egypt,  the above particular room in the photo is the  most interesting one, as it contains  shrines of al-Rifa’i and two other local saints, Ali Abi-Shubbak and Yahya al-Ansari.

As you can see from the Camera Setting above, it was a challenge in such a dark room. But luckily my used to be Nikon D3S had amazing ISO capability. But my question to you all, how is it possible I managed to freeze my wife (yes the above person is my wife wearing an Abaya of which I asked her to pass by for dramatic effect :)).  Now how is it possible I managed to freeze my wife with just 1/50 SHUTTER SPEED without any evidence of blurriness?. Anyone?



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  1. I hear birds cheeping 🙂 Anyhow, I’m not sure. But I’ll guess: you used a tripod?

  2. Well I guess no one knows. The answer is simple, I set the camera at high Frame Per Second (FPS), so obviously one would look sharp atleast. And the above photo was the one.

    • Ah ha! Okay, now explain more please what FPS is? JAK!

      • FPS stands for Frame Per Second. And they are mainly features you find on DSLR cameras. Each Camera has its own FPS, and I guess the latest the camera and the more expensive the higher the FPS it has. For example, the Camera I used in the above Photo has an FPS of (9 frame per second). So I could take 9 photos in one second.

        So you need to set you camera to MULTI shots instead of SINGLE shots to be able to shoot so many frames simultaneously. (look it up in your manual)

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