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I received several emails and request how one go about  covering an indoor concerts or a play. Its a fair question, simply because most if not all concert or  indoor events using flash is not allowed. Plus flash depends on the distance, so if you are far aware from the events, flash wont help at all

So what to do?. Unfortunately, in this case you need to have some good equipment, basically a camera and/or lens that works well under low light condition. The ISO capability of the camera and the Low light capability of the lens is the KEY FACTOR.

Equipment Requirements

* A lens with a long focal length. Of course depending on how far you are from the main happenings,  but a lens with a focal length between 100mm to 500mm should be good enough.

* You need either a camera that has high ISO capability,  OR/AND lens with wide Aperture opening at F2.8 and below




Settings Steps

– Set you are camera to Aperture Priority. And set it to the lowest value

– Check your Shutter and make sure it reads as  a Rule of thumb  (1/your lens focal length). So if you have a lens with a focal length of 200mm, than make sure your shutter reads 1/200 and being a concerns or Play, where alot of movement is taking place, I would add another 100 on top of it. So 1/300 Shutter should be good enough with a 200mm Lens

– If your camera doesnt read 1/300 shutter as mentioned above. Than you need to increase your ISO until it reads that Shutter



And that’s it your done. Shoot Away. If you have any questions or comments or even ideas let me know.


  9 Responses to “Prefecting Indoor Events”

  1. Wow that nice photo of Michael Jackson

  2. thanks 🙂
    good info

  3. OMG! I’m not reading a word cause I can’t get past the images of Michael Jackson!!!

  4. I’m in my mid 60s. I grew up with the Jackson Five and Michael Jackson. He was an icon of our era.

  5. one of the major problem I face by following the above instruction is when I do cropping to get the composition right and grains come in. I do have additional problem as I don’t have a fixed aperture and it reduces as i zoom in more and more. However the above method probably the best bet ! and realized this is the only reason why wide aperture lens costs so high !

    • Sanjoy

      If you have the right lens focal length, than you dont need to do any cropping. Maybe a little bit, for composition, but not to the point it will magnify the photo to a point NOISE will show

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