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What a Wonderful class. I really enjoyed every second of it. You all were fantastic students and hopefully full fledged photographers. Thank you again. I would appreciate if you could let me know how did you think of the class and whether I should improve on anything, your comments are appreciated.



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  1. It was a wonderful class, I’ve learned so many interesting stuffs! I can’t wait for the next week editing session!

  2. It was a great experience learning the basics in a simple and easily understandable way, Thanks Salim looking forward for the photo editing workshop 🙂

  3. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the class today. It was Truly amazing. Mega Thanks you Salim for you time, dedication, simplifying the total photography into our level of understanding, sharing your in-depth knowledge, experience and valuable guidance.

    Eagerly looking forward for next week editing and field trip workshop.

  4. i wanted to join but i’m working on weekend.. my off day only on sunday.. 🙁

  5. The class and your way of teaching was wonderful, but you could reduce the speed a little bit if you ask me for a suggestion, otherwise everything was ok fine. The step by step teaching starting i.e., starting from scratch the difference between film & Digital and till the end of Great photographer / what type of lens to buy
    etc., is really amazing. i learnt a lot…more to learn about editing…anxiously awaiting for the editing session…..C u soon…Bye – Mali

  6. It was an extremely interesting class and I got to understand many aspects of a DSLR. Many thanks for sharing your knowledge, experience and guiding us.

  7. salim.
    the course was very informative and great experience too. details explained and examples given were very great. sharing your personal experience with us was an added advantage and helped us to gain your vast knowledge shared.
    i would like to thank you for the lovely experience you shared with us in the class.
    you a truly an amazing person, in person. being at your position and having the passion for photography + sharing your knowledge with amateurs + giving us your time at your own home…….i must say its amazing.
    i have not known many people who share their skills, but you are unique.

    i believe in sharing knowledge and give a chance to all who cannot get it.
    knowledge not shared is a waste. it needs to pass on. move on. so that some can make use of it.

    people may copy your style / technique, but they just cant be YOU. every one is different .

    all the best and keep up the good work.


  8. عندم يتكلم الناس عن كورس او تدريب يتبادر الى ذهنك قاعة محاضرات ومحاضر صارم وملل وتثاؤب طول الوقت ,لكن مع سالم الحارثى وكورس التصوير الامر مختلف فتح لنا بيته الانيق وجعلنا نشعر كأفراد الأسرة وطوقنا بالكرم العمانى المعروف غير المعلومات والمعرفة التى نهلناها منه فلن تعود بعد اليوم مصطلحات سرعة الغالق وفتحة العدسة تبدو لنا كا تبدو كالطلاسم ولن تعود صورنا بعد اليوم كما كانت من قبل شكرا لك ايها الفنان على
    ]اتاحة الفرصة لنا وشكرا على ما تعلمناه وشكرا للزملاء فى المجموعة على الصحبة الطيبة وهذه دعوة للجميع التحقوا اليوم قبل الغد
    It was really a wonderful day ,I enjoyed too much learning many new things which were to me like a mystery I am sure my pictures will look different ,and i hope i could do the editing course, thank you for your warm welcoming and sharing your personal experience with us which is really interesting and unique.

  9. Dear Salim,
    Simple Superb! The true cost of this course was all the time, money and effort spent over the years trying to understand what you shared with us in a couple of hours. Moreover it was so effortless from you all thanks to your passion for both photography and knowledge sharing.

    This course is recommended for all those planning to buy a camera or who have one and don’t know what it can do! And for those who don’t want to take the effort, ATTEND this workshop so you will know that photos ain’t clicked or taken they are MADE!!

    Fabulous day spend!!

    Click! CLick !!


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