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This is a Guest Post by one of the frequent visitor, contributor to this site and as well one of my first students. Asma Al-Harthy, recently won a day stay at our Farm in Barka (Al-Harthy Palms) and she was very kind to share her experience with us here at the blog. Thanks Asma for these lovely photos

Dear Salim

It was my first experience to be in a farm where i find ducks , birds, turkey, it was something new to me to experience taking photos of birds, ducks and ect. And for the birds I had to wait for the right moment to capture that.. It’s not easy because I have to be patient to wait for the right moments to capture the good shot in a good angle. And also observed that the ducks automatically knew their feeding time when care taker came with the tray of ducks food. And I was surprise to see the black and white ducks eat separately and when they move around they all move separately .. The farm was well care with nice plants and trees and good facilities to spend time with family and friends in privacy away from street, noise and pollution , and it’s good place to experience photography with birds, ducks, and ect.













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  3 Responses to “At Al-Harthy Palms (Guest Post)”

  1. Hopefully, the ducks aren’t racists and their choice of companions is a result of imprinting. Anyhow, I’m impressed with your duck shots. I live on an island and am FOREVER trying to photograph Canadian Geese and other water fowl. The other half of the island is actually a park, so these animals come to the river edge because people feed them. When I photograph them (the dark birds), I always end up with a dark face, devoid of detail. So, Sr. Asma, did their faces present challenge for you?

  2. See ducks of Edinburgh, Scotland restaurant , they may be interested , the guy who owns it is called , Malcolm Duck (seriously excellent guy!)

  3. Just noticed that Sr. Asma didn’t answer my question about faces; can someone else answer it.

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