Oct 302013



Not running out of the rain, literally running in the Rain.
This boy was running in and out of this rain, hence the title. Hope you like it




  10 Responses to “I am Running in the Rain”

  1. I like the shot, but maybe it’s just me: I wouldnt have known it was raining had you not said so. I can see that it’s “wet,” but not raining. Is it me? lol

    • OMG safiyya. All those droplets on the ground and still you cant make out :). Time to visit yoir optician looooool

      • Ah, my brother. No need to be snarky. Perhaps on your original image you can see drops, but on the Internet, it doesn’t look that way. Yes, the ground looks wet, or reflective, but cannot see drops. As Maryam said, the silhouette looks superimposed. Now, Br. Salim, perhaps you didn’t want honest critique, but only a “Masha Allaah!” If that’s the case, say so. Cause I can do that 🙂 I should think you “know” me well enough from being on your site that I have artistic integrity. After all, my eyes were good enough to see the edits you made in your other post, no? Right down to facial editing 🙂

        • My dear Sister Saffiya, I was kidding, couldnt you tell from what I wrote. You asked me whether it was me, and I said the droplets is clear in the ground. OFCOURSE I WANT CRITIQUE. And I always tell me students, the only way to improve is to accept critique and work on it.

          BTW I am wearing glasses, so maybe I am the one who is loosing my site gradually 🙂

  2. There is a halo around the silhouette that makes it looked superimposed onto the shot.

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