Oct 252013
Canon 5D Mark II, Canon 70-200mm, A:2.8, S:1/640, ISO:100

Canon 5D Mark II, Canon 70-200mm, A:2.8, S:1/640, ISO:100


MCFL is a sporting event where boys and girls come together to play football in a fun yet competitive environment.  It is open to children of all nationalities aged between 6 and 12 years and runs from October to March.  It has long been established as a highlight in our children’s sporting and social life.  This great community event is made possible by the generous sponsorship of local businesses.

I was asked by one of the team to cover the event. Here some of the photos I have taken,  I love shooting wide open, meaning smallest Aperture value possible, and being a sporting event, I needed a long focal length Lens and fast one. With this in mind my canon 5D Mark II with my 70-200 2.8 L lens was the choice. Also I had to use Neutral Density Filter (ND filter) as it was too bright that
















Hope you like the photos let me know which one are your favorite?.



  9 Responses to “MCFL – Muscat Community Football League”

  1. Salaams Br. Salim: Definitely, the first B&W one. Has your “rule” of using 3 in there, lol, and your caught the boy mid air in a ballet-type pose with the ball. These are all very good MA. Oh, BTW, are those girls I see playing WITH the boys?! Gasp?! Didn’t realize Oman was that liberal.

  2. Salim, nice photos! Just discovered your blog. Just wanted to make a polite correction. ND filter is “neutral density”, not “natural density”.


  3. Very nice “action shots”. So crisp. Also fun to see our Granddaughter all the way here in Minnesota, U.S.A. She is the girl in white uniform of Oman LNG, in the first picture and in the next to the last photo.

  4. Any pics of my son? He’s on the Oman LNG (white jerseys) team. He has sports sunglasses/goggles on (red frames/dark lenses). Thanks for checking! If you don’t want to post here, I’d love to receive them by email! Also, I believe there is interest among parents to have you cover a game in the future. Let me know, I coach the Oman LNG U8 team.

    • Dear Dan,

      I checked the photos, I am afraid I havent take the photo of your son. Sorry. And YES I would love to cover the beautiful game again. Please let me know if the parents are interested and we can get in touch. Thanks again

  5. Please, where this address in muscat, I have one son that want to participate the football class, he has 11 years.
    My e-mail: lucianavarro2006@ig.com.br

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