Oct 112013


Very interesting day I had yesterday. My sister decided to use “OMANI DRESS” as the main theme for her daughter IRAM birthday. Of course, you know me, I  took the chance to make a photography occasion out of it using my home studio via my Canon 5D Mark II camera with the Canon 24-105mm Lens. Below are the photos of each of girl with their cute Omani Dress.

Just for fun, please vote your favorite THREE top DRESS. I stress, make sure you vote for the dress, not HOW CUTE the girls are :).

(1) Miss Ritaj



(2) Miss Rinad



(3) Miss Raneem & Miss Talin

IMG_5708 IMG_5711



(4) Miss Mais




(5) Miss Sarah



(6) Miss Sumaira




Please Vote YOUR TOP THREE DRESSES and also Lets us know below by commenting, WHY You have chosen these dresses?

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  14 Responses to “Miss Omani Pageant (Please Vote)”

  1. All of them look gorgeous

  2. All of them look pretty, but I think miss Sarah looks the best

  3. I believe that miss sarah should win because she has best dress and shes unique from all of them. This is wat I call areal omani dress

  4. In my opinion Mas , Rinad, Sumira look amazing

  5. All of them look wonderful mashallah…. But Sumaira looks pure Omani.

  6. Miss Sumaira looks radiant, who won’t in that dress? The color of her dress compliments her complexion beautifully. And…did I mention that killer smile 😉

  7. i like Miss Sarah traditional costume and how she present the costume.. like a model with smile and her hand not static. with nice makeup also.. VOTE Sarah 🙂

  8. Miss mais, cute.

  9. Miss Talin and Miss Sarah are the best among this beautiful angles .. i love the real smile of Talin.. Mashallah… May allah bless them all the girls with Full of Joy and Happy in their life,..Ameen…

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