Oct 112013

Lieutenant John Rayan


This is the Second Part of John Rayan’s Photos of Oman from the 1950’s during the time when he was Lieutenant in the British Army and serving with a tank regiment in Germany where  they were facing the threat of a Russian invasion.


For The complete series of this Amazing Photo Documentary, please click here

This is a photograph of Nizwa souk taken from the top of Nizwa Fort in 1958. Not a lot happening!


This is the cover of a dungeon  in Nizwa Fort in which prisoners were kept. The prisoners were lowered into and pulled out by rope.


John having a gallop on my camel at Ibri in 1959. It is not a good photograph but the soldier who took it had never seen a camera before..


Another one of bombs on the Jebel above Kamah Camp.


This shows the agricultural terraces near Saiq which because of the troubles had fallen into neglect With John  looking!  Dated 1959.


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  5 Responses to “Oman 1950′s By John Rayan ( Part 2)”

  1. Simply breathtaking. Please keep them coming. Thanks salim and john

    • Asia are you a member of the Kindy tribe as I have very fond memories of a very brave soldier who was a member of that tribe. Best wishes, John

      • John,
        As you know Oman tribe names can consist of very wide variety of people. Yes I am kindy, but I doubt I know the person you are referring to. Do you know his name by any chance?

  2. Oh Wow; that prison! I’m shocked to tell you the truth. That Muslims would keep human beings in that condition.

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