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This is the Third Part of John Rayan’s Photos of Oman from the 1950’s during the time when he was Lieutenant in the British Army and serving with a tank regiment in Germany where  they were facing the threat of a Russian invasion. For The complete series of this Amazing Photo Documentary, please click here


Wash day on the Jebel Akhdar. 1959.



This was a typical resting posture. The man is carrying a Martini Henry rifle. These had to be reloaded after each shot and fired a .45 lead bullet which caused a very nasty injury if they hit you. The modern rifle bullet makes a sharp crack as it goes past you. Not so the Martini Henry. It had a much lower velocity and the bullet sounded like “wow” as it passed. These rifles were known as “Wowzers” to the Brits at that time.



This is a photograph of a Twin Pioneer aircraft being refueled on the airstrip at Firq. Very near the spot where I was blown up. I think the mine was intended for an aircraft.



In Nizwa camp we had a park full of vehicles which had hit mines. I am looking at the landrover which I was driving when it hit a mine. I was very fortunate as it was the only left hand drive vehicle and the mine hit the right hand front wheel. The man with me was badly hurt. He was flown to Muscat for treatment.


imm005 (2)

On patrol on the Jebel Akhdar in 1959.



Hunting with hawks was a popular sport. These were photographed near Ibri.


A donkey, part of a convoy of some 30/40 donkeys taking supplies up the mountain to Saiq army camp. 1959.

A donkey, part of a convoy of some 30/40 donkeys taking supplies up the mountain to Saiq army camp. 1959.



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  6 Responses to “Oman 1950′s By John Rayan (Part 3)”

  1. John;
    Really very good memories that you are sharing with us via Salimblog. Salim, my dear friend excellent work indeed and waiting for more to be seen. All photos been published till now showing the big jump from that time till what we got today.

  2. Excellent photographs that record John Ryan’s time in Oman.

  3. It will help the Omani new generation to know their past

  4. Really great, Historical Photos
    amazing shots

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