Oct 102013


Thanks to all who have submitted for this Photo Challenge (Pattern) . I received over 20 submissions, however only Three made my final list. And they are


(1) By Shafeeq



(2) By Rid MoratmasjidSALIM-2


(3) By Anirban BhattacharyaIMG_6394-2-2

Now I am leaving up to you to choose the best one. So please cast your vote. The winner WILL WIN A FREE STAY AT OUR BARKA RESORT FARM.

The Voting will close on Saturday (12th Oct) Midnight Oman Time (+4 GMT)




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  11 Responses to “Photo Challenge Patterns Finalists (Please Vote)”

  1. The topic was challenging… Good luck for the participants, looking forward for the next challenge.

  2. loved Shafeeq’s photo…it gives a feeling of hugeness and an endless space

  3. Shafeeq’s was a good attempt and the outcome decent. The second and third photos were very close. I chose the 2nd photo (Morad) as lot of work has gone into making that photo, which is perfectly centered and symmetrical. It also satisfies the theme of the week perfectly….it’s patterns all the way…

  4. I think a photographer’s job is not just to present something which is there as it is. He has to go beyond it to make it more effective. For that he must be using different angles and frames pulling out or detaching the image he wants from the landscape or structures. All the three entries are very good attempts and I feel that Shafeeq’s photo is more original, creative and imaginative when we consider the theme.

  5. Grand mosque photo is the best it covers not a single patter.

  6. thank you guys for the comments.. my real name is Ahmad Ridhauddeen but just call me Rid and I’m from Malaysia.. all pictures is nice to me.. i’m not joining the contest because of the prize but i just love to take pictures.. the prize is side bonus.. photography is my passion.. i want to know and meet new photographer friend in Oman. i just move to muscat 5 month ago.. i have no friend who love photography in oman. i hope 1 day i can meet all of you to share our hobby knowledge.. thanx to Salim for your very helpful blog… the tips about photography etc. happy eid !!

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