Oct 242013
Nikon D3S, Nikon 24-70mm, A:8, S:1/3000, ISO:100

Nikon D3S, Nikon 24-70mm, A:8, S:1/3000, ISO:100

This Photo I took three years ago some where in Philippines. Back than I had no clue of Editing and the photo missed something. Now that my editing technique has improved I managed to do a better improvement to it.

Moral of the story, always keep your images, you never know when in future you may need them and could be one of your master piece you were looking for!




  8 Responses to “The Boat Rider (Phillippines, Palawan)”

  1. Well said. I always keep them unless they are too blurry or total disasters. Can we see both images side-by-side?

    • Safiyya, the sun was too bright, so I couldnt reduce the glare, or I didnt know how. Now with new features such as recovery tool where it brings back the shadows helped me to minimize the over exposure of the sun. And also by increasing the Shadow slider I manage to make the person even darker to increase its silhouette effect

  2. Safiyyah you must get LR 5, is the best edit software as Salim said. I tried different softwares but I was not so happy as I’m with LR. It’s easy to use and I’m really happy with the result.

    Salim thank you once again for your tips and advice .. Is really useful.

  3. I trash the ones that are ABSOLUTE disasters (missing limbs, etc.) Others that aren’t so bad, I find that when I keep them…….. later I find that one new edit turns it into a definite keeper. I love the silhouette with the sun facing you.

    • exactly my point Maryam. Never through away your photos, except the ones that are as you said a disaster. Otherwise, technology is advancing every day, you never know what sort of editing, software can come up that could save your photos.

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