Oct 312013

Thank you all for submitting your photos for the Depth of Field Photo Challenge. I have receive well above 50 submissions, but only 10 made the  “EDITORS CHOICE” list, you can find the 10 Editors choice photos here. And from those 10 I had to choose only the TOP THREE, it was a very difficult decisions, my criteria is simple, a Photo that I would easily hang it on my wall for display is the winning photo to me. And the below three are the ones I believe deserve to be on my wall. However, there is only one winner and I will leave it to you all to vote for the best photo.

Therefore, Please vote your favorite photo below and let the best man/woman win. The Voting will be closed on Sunday Morning 7am. And the winner will be announce the same day. Here are the photos in no particular order

(1) By Vijay K




(2) By Anirban BhattacharyaIMG_6419-2


(3) By Julie Van Dieren2013-10-16 17.03.45


Please Vote Wisely, the Winner will receive a FREE STAY at our Bark Resort Farm

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