Oct 262013


This is one of my favorite photo ever, not only its my daughter on it, its also I won several international award with it. And the lighting was just perfect. I used an Umbrella, a softbox and as well reflectors to come up with this effect.

As I mentioned in my previous post, its always wise to keep all your photos, simply because as you grow as a photographer, you become much better in all aspects, not just the editing part and the artistic part as well.

Below is before and after of the same photo. Can you tell what enhancement and modifications I have done?










  11 Responses to “The Lost Soul”

  1. second pic is vignette

  2. oopss..fist pic is vignette

  3. You are kicked up the highlights and fill lighting.

  4. “also” not “are” lol

  5. Brilliant that is magic my eyes didn’t believe!!

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