Nov 032013


The Public has spoken and the above photo is the winning photo for the Depth of Field Challenge. Congratulation to  Anirban Bhattacharya and now you are entitle for a FREE Stay at our Barka Resort Farm for you and your Seven guest anytime of the week except Fridays and Public Holidays.

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  10 Responses to “Anirban, Depth of Field Photo Challenge Winner”

  1. Congrats Amirban..
    Enjoy ur trip to Luxurious Farm..

  2. Congratulations. Deserving win.

  3. First of all Thank you very much Salim for allowing me to participate. The participation was realy delightful. Moreover this wining definitely boosted the thrive for excellence in photography. I thank all my well wishers and photlovers who voted for my click. It is an awesome experience to be associated with Salim’s blog and shall look forward for futher challenges.

  4. congrats Anirban

  5. Congrats Anirban . Your photograph nicely demonstrated the DOF element.Well done.
    Dear Salim,I also appreciate the efforts you take for the photographer community in Oman.Your Photo blog is very interesting.

  6. Congrats!!! ,, i really want to join such a competition ^_^

  7. Mr.salim its beautiful challenge and thanks to make me one of the participator. this picture has taken to an omani girl to interdict the real culture of sultanate and the tradition of waring the omani dress it show the love of a new generation to there culture The ship that was shown in the picture also shows how history impacts our lives and our traditions, so from that idea i set up my photo to include many elements in it.

    camera used : canon 650d
    lens : 24/105

    equipment : 4. speed light with umbrella

    Mohammed ali

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