Nov 162013


Such a lovely audience and students, I really enjoyed myself and I hope you did as well. Thank you again, please let me know how did you think about the class and your experience appreciate it.

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  10 Responses to “Class of 16th Nov 2013 It was my Pleasure.”

  1. Salim,

    Nov 16th class was wonderful and it was a good learning experience about the basics of photography. Your way of explaining things is very simple and easily understandable. I am very much impressed by the way you explained some of the complex terms of photography. Thanks a lot.

  2. Dear Salim uncle,

    Thank you for your class. It really helped me to understand well in using my camera. Well presented leeson and was easy to follow. It was a great step towards my photography career.

    Thank you once again


  3. It was a all new experience with my Camera & ignorance. Your class eventually made us differentiate between a Good Photographer & a Great photographer.

    “ You don’t take a photograph, you make it. – its very clear now !

    Keep the good work going, best wishes ..


  4. A Must Class for all who want to taste the flavour of what True Photography is all about…and what wonders your mind and fingers can do with the machine in your hand matter what make or model. Salim is a genius at this…Thanks a ton Salim…best wishes Manjot

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