Nov 302013


Another Class, Another Amazing bunch of students. Thank you so much for being such a wonderful student, you really made my life easier. Hope you all enjoyed the class, your comments and input are appreciated. Please let me know by commenting below




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  1. Thanks, Salim, for your dynamic instruction. It really helped me become better acquainted with my camera and and despite having been photographing for many years, both film and digital, I learned many things I did not know. I really appreciated how your class was organised and presented….well paced and good interaction between yourself and your students.

    One comment: for the part of the day when you speak about how to take great photos, I think it is always a good idea for students to look at photographs of the greats like Cartier Bresson, Salgado, Kertecz, Annie Lebowitz etc. I think it is useful to become acquainted with the language of photography. A few images of their works could stimulate still more conversation about what makes a good photograph.

    Thanks again. Deborah

    • Thank you Deb. Very good idea, I will take that feedback, and show some work of the best photographers and use as an example. Thanks again for enjoying the course

  2. Dear Salim,

    Thank you very much for the training, as such i am in the very basis of photography, with your inputs on photography today i need to work hard to be a good photographer. Your class was of great help for me indeed. I feel now, If i had come to know about you in the month of June 2013, i would have got atleast some beautiful pictures when i was on my Europe trip in the month of July 2013. Anyway it will help me for my next trip. I really enjoyed your class. hope the same with all. Also happy to meet all our teammates today. Wish all a success.


  3. Hi salim. I am interested in your class. Could you tell me the cost please? Thanks

  4. I think the most important message you gave was “I will show you how to save OMR 6,000 on equipment you don’t need”. …I really enjoyed my day although I only scored 5 in your D,o,F exercise.. LoL. I encourage anyone to spend time with Salim ,,,no matter what your level of expertise. I went in totally useless on dSLR techniques and within 4-5 hours I totally understood the relationship between ISO , aperture and shutter speed … The triangle….. I particulary like the fact that after this course I feltl I could contact Salim or anyone on the team and discuss any particular aspect of photography…Its great fun and a breath of fresh air …Well done Salim and thanks for the pizza

    • Thanks Alex. Indeed when it comes to Camera Gear there is something what we like to call is the Gadget Addiction Syndrome (GAS), and my job to make sure you dont get hooked with such addiction 🙂

  5. Till yesterday I was thinking how to take a photo on DSLR- now that part is over,
    Amazingly Salim brainwashed me – for not put money unnecessarily – with his own past experiences.for the years coming by every photo of mine will have a hidden sign of Salim.

  6. Thanks a lot Salim. Though I was using my DSLR for the past 4 years, only since yesterday I could understand, what maximum I can get out of it and that’s only becoz of “YOU” and expecting more from you man…………..

  7. Hi Salim,
    Learnt a lot and most important thing is not to in a hurry when u are buying camera or other accessories of it really need to think about it as most of the time as you mentioned sales men try to sell us every thing .Thanks for all the tips had a great time n met great people .
    Very soon will send you the pics need your suggestions to make it better.
    May Allah gives you a great success.

  8. Dear Salim,
    Thank you. Thank you for such an excellent experience of getting to know my camera better and helping me to better channel my creativity. You have helped me a lot and i am grateful for it.
    Thanks a Lot!!

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