Nov 082013

Here is another Guest Post be Abe Steiginga. Who recently went on a camping trip across Oman all the way to the empty quarters nearby the Saudi Borders



camping in the Empty Quarters at the border with Saudi.



The first is from the Friday market in Nizwa

As I said before, its that time of the year and I am sure all of you are some way or another are finding ways to enjoy this beautiful country of ours, so please if you have interesting photos to share, drop me an email here. 

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  9 Responses to “From Nizwa Souq to the Empty Quarters (Guest Post)”

  1. Beautiful photos Abe, I particularly love the nizwa market one. Very real and street. Didnt you face difficulties as an expat taking photos of people?.

    • Thank you Murad. I was very aware of that. Fortunately I was not the only one and also there were some Omani photographers. I guess at the Nizwa market, people also expect their photos to be taken as there are always tourists.

  2. Wow amazing photos mashaallah

  3. Abe, the first two are particularly breathtaking. Being a landscape photography lover, you have captured the evening light and its colours on the sand with distance and depth (through the vehicles) as well. The footsteps after which you turned to get that shot is lovely. All these make them beautiful shots.- John

  4. Thanks for sharing the photographs. The colours are wonderful and capture the moment very well.

    • Thank you Sue. The sun had to be really low indeed, to pull shadows in the ribs in the sand. A few minutes later, these were gone.

  5. Abe. Very good photo’s. I am intending to visit the empty quarter in May do you have details of how you got there such as GPS or map directions please. I too will be taking photo’s which I hope will be like yours. The depth of cloud is amazing.

  6. Sorry should have typed *colour* not cloud. ☺:)

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