Nov 012013


My daughter and her poses, I guess having a father as a Photographer, posing comes natural. I think!



  8 Responses to “Golden Smile”

  1. Beautiful Picture!
    3 ques –
    * which lens?
    * Did you use external flash for this?
    * Any serious retouching?

      No external flash. The lighting was suberb and also I shot wide open at 1.4 aperture which obserbed more light from the surrounding. And no just simple retouch a bit of contrast and adjusted thw white balance that all

      • Thanks!
        When you say the white balance – did you correct the temperature? or shot at Auto and then corrected it through the software ?

        • I normally set my camera on Auto White Balance. So yes I had to correct it a bit, as it was too yellowish, where in the real place was not as much as yellow. So I give it a little bit in the cool side.

  2. I agree with you having a father like you ofcourse poses will come natural

  3. I guess, with my camera aiming to her 24/7 🙂

  4. Mashaallah u r daugter is amazing poser… I totally agree with you, I am just a photography lover and when i ask my daughter she easily agrees for a poses which suits the most to the surrounding 🙂

    See the end results

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