Nov 152013

Ok so maybe it doesn’t apply for Oman, we barely have rains, let alone consistent lightning. But not today, today it was special, out of the ordinary and quit frankly very unique. So I decided I should hunt for lightning and see whether I could take a photo of it. Luckily, series of lightning was taking place just outside my back yard, and I manage to get several photos but below one is my favorite .

Canon 5D Mark II, Canon 24-105mm, A:22, S:30Sec, ISO: 100

Canon 5D Mark II, Canon 24-105mm, A:22, S:30Sec, ISO: 100


And the same way how one would go about taking a photo of FIREWORKS, of which I discussed earlier, its exact the same way to photography lightning and here how it goes:

– You need to be Brave

– You need to be ready to get wet

– Your camera should be water proof, or find a cloth to protect it from getting soak due to the rain

– Set your Camera on a Tripod

– Set your camera to Manual Focus (MF), you can find this switch button from AF to MF in your lens

– Now set your Focus ring on your lens to infinity,   check your lens and look at the distance indicator and you should see a mark at one end that looks similar to a figure “8″ – that’s infinity. Turn your focus ring to that

– Set your ISO at low Value 100 to 200

– Now Set your Camera to Aperture Priority Mode

– Set your Aperture to highest Value above 16, this way you should get a shutter of 10 seconds and more and as well get a clear sharp photo. (For me, I like to set my aperture value as high as possible, so I can get a shutter speed of 30 seconds)

– Set your camera on a timer so that it shoots itself after several seconds. You need to do this to avoid shaky image due to your finger action of touching the shoot button


Thats it, hope you like the tip and the photo



  5 Responses to “How to photograph lightning?”

  1. Mashallah wow Salim that’s amazing photo I really love it.
    Salim thank you so much for sharing this useful tips and techniques. To be honest Now I’m addicted to your websit… Every single day I must browsing your blog …and Every time I open your blog I learn something new mashaallah I really love your job God bless you.

  2. Great shot . Thanks for the tips very useful.

  3. Thanks jai. It was my pleasure

  4. Very nice shot, Salim. When it was raining I was not sure how to do it, so just watched, especially since we live in a flat and the lightening was on the side we were staying so not straight for a shot from the window. Will keep this in mind when the next rain and thunder comes over Oman!

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