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This is Part two of photo series of Inside St. Peters Basilica in Italy Rome. The photos were taken in 2010 using Canon 5D Mark II with 24-105mm L Lens. Hope you enjoy this series and let me know which are your favorite photos, click on the photos for larger version. If you have any questions regarding the photos and how about I went and took them, please go ahead and ask away below. Thanks (Click here for previous Parts of this series)








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  6 Responses to “Inside St. Peter’s Basilica (Italy, Rome) – Part 2”

  1. Roma loves love!!!! Beautiful pics!!!

  2. Salim,
    What were your camera settings in terms of Av, Tv, ISO?

    • Nigel as I said I was using the 24-105mm L. And this lens that maximum Aperture opening is 4. And being indoor, with dim light, I had to boost my ISO to 4000 to get just enough shutter speed to avoid shake, so shutter of 1/50. Hope this help

  3. How you took the 4th photo? it seems to be very lengthy, did you use wide angle lens?
    could you please describe…

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