Nov 172013

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As many of you know, how much I hate the POP UP flash, if it was up to me, I would have not allow the camera manufactures to install them on the cameras. They just produce ugly light, red eye, ugly shadows, hot spots, bleached out faces, underexposed color etc. However, recently, a company sent me this product called LightScoop, which according to them a cheap solution to your pop up flash, they sent me the product so that I can test it and review it.

They were right, lightscoop is such an amazing product that basically reflect the light that comes out from your camera pop up flash and bounce it to the ceiling or wall and produce a nice faltering and even light towards the subjects. I been trying it the past week since I received it from them, and it delivers the results every time. And most of all its very cheap and many of you who are not professionals and don’t want to spend a lot of money for a full fledged flash head, this is a perfect alternative and solution for all  your flash needs.

They come in different design and type, depending on your camera type. The one they sent me to test is the lightscoop deluxe, of which I fitted it on my Nikon D90 (see above photo). Most of all, its very easy to fit it on the camera, it takes seconds to install and you are ready to go. Its also light weight, so you don’t feel the extra weight at all, and the mirror is moveable so you can decide where to direct the light either to the ceiling or the wall to give you different light reflections.

Below are two different photos taken, one with the normal camera POP up flash, and the other one with the Lightscoop deluxe fitted on it. As you can see, there is a huge difference. I totally recommend this product and for more info and how to get it visit their website by clicking here


Using the normal Camera POP-UP flash without Lightscoop Delux fitted in

Using the normal Camera POP-UP flash without Lightscoop Delux fitted in


With Lightscoop Delux Fitted on the Camera
With Lightscoop Delux Fitted on the Camera




  7 Responses to “Lightscoop an Alternative to your Camera Pop Up Flash”

  1. There’s big different between the two photos…The second photo with the lightscoop looks much better then the first photo with normal pop up flash.. It’s really give good result

  2. Good alternative!!!

  3. The Second Frame is more Lively.Thanks So Much For Valuable Info:

  4. Hi Salim….This is something I used to do way back when I used analog point and shoot cams…I used to stick tissue paper on my flash with cello tape that would diffuse the light and give a nice effect…I have even tried it out with different colored cellophane papers the effect was pretty good….when I saw this article I just remembered this old technique

  5. Salim! Thank you so much for the great Lightscoop review! What great comparison pictures! If any of your readers have questions about our products, we have lots of info on our website, and we’re quick to respond to emails ( Thank you again! Mary, Lightscoop CEO

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