Nov 192013


The above photo I took recently, and no matter how hard I try to get my kids to pose for me, my daughter always out perform them, as if it comes natural to her. Whether is something she saw on the TV, or at school, or it comes by instinct I really dont know. But she got the X-Factor :). This got me thinking, below are various photos of my daughter with her different poses. Please VOTE FOR YOUR FAVORITE THREE TOP POSES


(1) The Thumb


(2) Lost in Translation


(3) Natural Light


(4) Say Cheese


(5) Golden Man


(6) Me and my Friend


(7) Eid Mubarak


(8) Towards the Heaven


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  8 Responses to “My Daughter and her Poses – Vote for the Best Pose”

  1. Mashaallah all her pose are beautiful

  2. love the expression and light in ‘lost in translation’ me, the best pose being so natural …and the best shot as everythign looks so perfect !

  3. All are awesome, but to vote I focused more on where she posed better and was not only just a photography skill outcome !

  4. So cute, your daugther!!!

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