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The Challenge: Portrait

Oxford Dictionary defines Portrait as a painting, drawing, photograph, or engraving of a person, especially one depicting only the face or head and shoulders. So its not just a photo of a person,  capturing a true portrait can explore character and reveal a person’s essence in a manner that no other format can. Therefore, it should be a PLANNED, It cannot be a self-portrait either. The challenge is to work with someone else and capture a portrait of them.

Photo Examples:



girl1 (1)


1) The photo can be new or old photo

2) You need to be a subscriber to this Site to qualify, enter your email below to subscribe


3) Photo should be taken by proper camera, photos taken by mobile, Ipad, Iphone etc not Allowed

4) Only One Photo Per Entry

5) The Challenge ends on Saturday 30th Nov 11:30pm ( Oman Time +4GMT)

6) Email me your Photo on (



The Winner will get to stay at Our Beautiful Resort Farm in Barka (Muscat) with 7 Guests (Can choose any day of the week except Public holidays and Fridays).

Note: Remember its not about the Prize, its about participation and increase your photo skills. So please Non Omani Residents you are most welcome to participate.



Here I will showcase the best photos submitted for this Challenge, any of the photos below have the chance to Win the Challenge, if you are photos are not listed below, it means that you didn’t qualify and try again and please check regularly to see whether your photos have qualify or not.



Photographer: Mohammed Al-Mahmoodi


Photographer: Dr. Mohammed Hadi


Photographer: Dr. Hanif Sharif

Photographer: Miriam Esteban

Photographer: Miriam Esteban



Photographer: Rid Morat


Photographer: Aries Vitan Wong


Photographer: Hajer Al-Bolushi

Photographer: Hajer Al-Bolushi


Photographer: Jun Orilla

Photographer: Jun Orilla


Photographer: Allan Yasser

Photographer: Allan Yasser


Photographer: Habib Zadjali

Photographer: Habib Zadjali


Photographer: Asma Al-Harthy

Photographer: Asma Al-Harthy


Photographer: Shabin Eriyengal

Photographer: Shabin Eriyengal


Photographer: Sanjoy Sengupta

Photographer: Sanjoy Sengupta


Photographer: Julie Van Dieren

Photographer: Julie Van Dieren


Photographer: Mohammed Nisar

Photographer: Mohammed Nisar



Photographer: Mazin Al-Bulushi

Photographer: Mazin Al-Bulushi


Photographer: Munir

Photographer: Munir


Photographer: Mohammed Ali

Photographer: Mohammed Ali


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  36 Responses to “Photo Challenge: Portriat”

  1. hi salim , feels great to be here , i have always been a visitor to the site & learned a lot about small little intricacies of photography in a simple & lucid way explained by you , my image was shot on a railway platform and this man was on some pilgrimage of sorts & returning home to his native place , i started talking with him with the intention of clicking him & within minutes he just removed all luggage beside him and kept it in a far corner & started giving proper poses straightly looking into the lens ..he had certain sternness & confidence mixed look in his eyes which along with his saffron cloth covering on the body & head with an impressive beard made him look little different from everyone else..shot this image with nikon D5100 with 50mm lens 1.8 G ( aperture 2.8 ,shutter speed 1/80th , iso 640 , white balance auto , manual mode )

  2. hi salim ,
    i love the character of Heath Ledger the Joker in July 2006, for director Christopher Nolan’s Batman Begins sequel, The Dark Knight but i want o create it in my way .so i requested my friend he came in my flat and we arrange it in my way with normal lights because i do not have any studio lights and i have canon 5 d mark 2 but really i need a class to know how this camera will be so great i was in manual mode and lens was 24 105 mm.thanks to select it, it is really a great compliment for me .

    • Thank you Dr Haneef, I also thought you got the inspiration from the Joker. Again congratulation for making my Editors list and good luck.

    • Hello Dr. Haneef. I love the portrait that you have here, the details are just superb and the make up of the model really blended well to create such a powerful and striking photograph. Thumbs up to you

  3. Hi!!! thanks to select my photo. Your last lesson increase my desire to be a good photographer.
    I took this portrait in a Spanish town.This is my friend on Sunday at September . We love autumn and we walked along the countryside. I used my old camera (because this day was raining) Canon 550D and 18-55 lens mm (all very basic). I took this pic in manual mode, of course!!! The ligth is amazing when the day is cloudy!!! F5,6 , shutter speed 1/80 ISO 400. I like the colour of the trees, her pullover and her honey eyes!!

  4. Salam aleykum.. hi all photographers.. thank you to my idol photographer Mr Salim for chosing my picture as Editors Choice. this photo were taken back in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia for the Outdoor Photography Event with theme “Chinese Couture” on Feb 2013. I’m using same camera with Miriam Esteban, Canon 550D with lense 55-250mm. The exif data is at 66mm, iso 400, f4 and 1/250s. I’m using silver color reflector to make it more dramatic. Raw file editing at first for color converting HSL/Grayscale, adjusting contrast for more colourfull, a bit of cropping and a little bit vignette. Then transfer to jpeg file and start with post processing using Adobe Photoshop CS5.1st thing i do is to recover the model pimple using clone stamp tolls(this part is very challenging even have makeup). and then skin smothing dodge and burn, brighten the model eyes(one of most important thing in editing) and if we don’t do that some people say it “away from the eyes will away from the heart”. more than 10layers editing in photoshop and about 1hour editing. ok ! i talk to much.. thank you guys. 🙂

    • Lol, nice one Rid, yes its looks it went through professional editing and its very beautiful. Well done, and congratulation for making my Editors choice list and good luck

  5. Hello Mr. Salim. It is indeed a great honor to be chosen here, I am your very avid fan and you are one of my inspirations in taking pictures. The shot was taken using a Nikon D7000 with a micro-nikkor 105mm, the model is one of our friends and I just asked her to give me an emotional pose. I wanted to capture a classical shot so I ofted to make the picture a bit soft. the exif are as follows f/4.0 * ISO 100 * 1/250 sec I think I did uses a continuous light on this shot diffused by a white fabric. Once more, thank you fro choosing my shot and more power to you.

  6. hello
    am really happy that my photo was chosen to be in editor list.
    thank you Mr. Salim ^_^

    It was taking during the Eid Al Fater, after Ramadan. By my Canon Camera 650D.

    thank you a lot
    good luck with this awesome website.

  7. Hi Mr. Salim,

    Thank you and I am greatly honored to be chosen here. The photo was taken during the time that our boss leaves the company. We made a collage and print. This was taken by a Canon 60D with 24-105mm and with 2 strobe and 1 reflector. Again thanks and more power.


  8. Hi Salim,

    This is Allan Yasser. The photo I submitted is entitled, “Simplicity”. I used a Canon EOS 1100D, 50mm to highlight my main subject and blur the background. To add emotions to the photo, I turned the original colored version into a black and white finish. The model is my sister, and what makes the photo interesting is that there’s too much emotion in it- but the viewers are left unsure whether the subject is smiling or sad. It is up to the viewers’ interpretation. And the emotions are just raw and captured naturally.

  9. Thank you Salim for chosing my picture as Editors Choice. It is really a great compliment for me. This photo was taken by Canon EOS 500D with lens 18-200mm (ISO 200, f/5.0, 1/60sec) at my cousin’s house when we had family gathering. The model is my niece Salma and whenever she sees me holding camera she is always ready with her poses which is very good because it’s coming natural from her and I don’t have to tell her how to pose,and that makes me feel more comfortable as photographer. Salim thank you once again.

  10. Thank you Mr. Salim for choosing my photo to be in the challenge competition.

  11. Thanks Salim for chosing my pic as Editors Choice..btw it’s my second photo using 3 soft box with white background ..
    And the setting : useing Nikon D7000, Focal length 75MM, white balance auto, Aperture 5.3, Exposure time 1/100 and the ISO is 400 in manual mode..
    Edited with Photoshop CS6..

  12. Thank you Salim for this honor!

    For my picture, I’ve used a Canon EOS 550D camera and a 50 mm lens. As 5 years old little boy, my son Jonathan loves when I do a face painting This picture has been taken last October but he was already in a Christmas mood!

  13. Salaam Salim,

    Thanks for selecting portrait of the Combodian dancer among some of the best portraits, I have seen!

    I have used Nikon D7000 with 70-300 tele lens on aperture priority mode with f5.6, 1/50 shutter, ISO800, handheld. spot metering and a slight touch up in LR4 on saturation.

    The traditional dance form of Combodia resembles closely with various Indian dance forms. However, graceful movement of the artist and her eyes, which tells a thousand stories, makes it unique and the whole atmosphere heavenly.

    Though purpose of visiting Combodia was to see wonders of the world “Angkorbhat”, the traditional dance performance was an absolute bonus to our tour.

  14. its a great chance to participate. with all of you to enhance our skill this photo is to one of the labor worker was asked to do a photo shot. and this picture show about there life stating out there home , it show how much pain the have when they’re far from they family, it show that it dose not matter how much far you go or more reach you get you still be a human been. camera used : canon lens 18/200 plus speed light with soft box and reflector
    thanks agin Mr salim to give me a chance

    Munir Albulushi

  15. thanx alot for selecting my photo,
    its a realy great website for learning photography .
    the photo was taken with a canon 550d with natural sun light. i dont actually remember which lens i used lol .
    thnx again .

    Mazin al bulushi

  16. Mr.salim its beautiful challenge and thanks to make me one of the participator. this picture has taken to an omani girl to interdict the real culture of sultanate and the tradition of waring the omani dress it show the love of a new generation to there culture The ship that was shown in the picture also shows how history impacts our lives and our traditions, so from that idea i set up my photo to include many elements in it.

    camera used : canon 650d
    lens : 24/105

    equipment : 4. speed light with umbrella

    Mohammed ali

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