Nov 152013

Recently I conducted a class where some of the students were from Central Bank of Oman (CBO). Its seems the word went out that I did a good job, so I was told :). Below is a screen shot from CBO internal Portal news of the events. Its things like this makes all what I do worth while. To Read the Article Click on the photo below to see the enlarge version.




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  1. Salim I’m happy for deserve even more than that.., mashaallah your work is very good.

  2. Congrats Salim! Nice words of encouragement from the guys at CBO.

    • It’s a pleasure to find such ralniiatoty in an answer. Welcome to the debate.

    • I want to thank Paul Crouch and Matthew Crouch for TBN, and all the wonderful ministry programs that are sent around the world on TBN’s network. I wonder if people here in the US realize that TBN is aired around the planet, and all the satellites that are needed to accomplish this? Thanks again and again to the Crouch family and all of TBN’s partners.

    • Mmmm – sÃ¥ godt det ser ut, Sølvi – slike retter er sÃ¥ supre – alt i ett, kjempegode + enkle Ã¥ forberede:) Skal jammen prøves ut – vi trenger Ã¥ fornye oss pÃ¥ middagsfronten – sÃ¥ takk for oppskrift:)Ha en fin mandagskveld – klem fra Bente.

    • Eu acredito que ainda vão saltar os musgos por cima das cortiçadas…ainda vem mais por aí…Quem mandou a dama dizer que o outro é preto?!Ah ah ah ah ah ah levou na trombeta que foi para aprender mais vucabulos …Beijão grande

    • La Tunisie dispose d’un potentiel écotouristique considérable auquel le gouvernement doit mieux valoriser.Outre la région montagneuse de Boukornine, je pense que la côte nord de la Tunisie qui s’étend de la ville de Bizerte à celle de Tabarka recèle une extrême richesse naturelle et paysagère qu’il faut absolument protéger et valoriser dans le cadre de l’écotourisme durable.

    • I dont do Christmas but always make birthdays special instead, so I am looking for a WII for my 30 something daughter (she has been begging) and I almost found one, but I am on the hold list now. Her BD was the 28th, so she will maybe get an unbirthday gift.

  3. Congrats Salim. You deserve it.

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