Nov 072013

Canon 5D Mark 11, Canon 70-200mm L Lens, A:4.5, S:1/125, ISO:100

WE had a wonderful time yesterday, and if you haven’t done it yet, I suggest you should. A luxury boat trip from Marina Bandar Al- Rowdha in Muscat to  Bandar Al-Khairan of which we spent  a lovely time snorkeling, dolphin watching and just having a blast. And below  is a photo my son having a sunbath.


Canon 5D Mark 11, Canon 70-200mm L Lens, A:2.8, S:1/2000, ISO:100


PS/ As you can see from all my photos,  I love taking photos wide open, i.e. smallest Aperture value possible. So in such a bright day, to achieve such Aperture and not overblow my exposure with high shutter speed, I tend to use a filter, in the above case, I used ND 3 Stop Filter


  4 Responses to “Sunbath”

  1. As usual great shot Salim. Do you use cpl during clicking portraits. Have you found any enrichment of colours because of using cpl? In sunny days it is also 2 stop nd filter isn’t.?

    • Circular polarizing filter (cpl) has nothing to do with portriate. Its all about bringing color into the scene in conditions that is soo bright where the sensor is unable to absorb the colors. Such as skies, of which cpl will bring some of the blue back. Cpl mainly for landscape for the above reasons.

      Depending on how bright is the day it will dictate how much stops tou want to go down.

  2. Beautiful photos.. Bander khairan is beautiful place..

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