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One of the very good place to picnic in Oman (Muscat Area), which is very near, more or less an hour distance, and you can find a lot of water, very good camping spots and as well an adrenaline  rush with your 4WD car is Wadi Al-Biyadh in Batinah Region. Below map is how to get there


The whitish pools, according to popular here-say, give wadi Abyad its name, the ‘white wadi’, contrasting with the surrounding dark ophiolite rocks.. My family and I were there last weekend and we had a lot of fun and I recommend you all to do the same while the weather is still nice and alot of water is still there. The  photos below  says it all. All photos were taken using Canon 5D Mark II with the 70-200 2.8 Lens. Hope you like them and let me know what you think, your comments are always appreciated.












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  15 Responses to “Picnic at Wadi Al-Abyadh (Wadi Abyad)”

  1. the baby girls photo is stunning with her expressions

  2. Great pics…..

  3. As always…u leave a mark with ur photos which speaks volumes..Amazing stuff with the kids…Kudos….!!!

  4. Wonderful shots. Seems to be a great place to be from the din & bustle of everyday routine…
    We would explore this spot coming holidays, thanks for your guidance Salim.

  5. Great photos.

  6. Salim, nice photos and thanks for the suggestion for a day out. We shall go. And thanks again for your class which was so helpful to me…I am working through the first 1000 and am getting closer to understanding and working with my XE1. You made me conscious of so many things.

  7. great photos with all enjoying the day out at the wadi, like the last pic of the boys sitting and relaxing after a swim!!!

  8. V.good sir


    Saud Al-Riyami

  9. nice picts and good information about new picinic spot
    I want to know cost incurred for the photographic classes.


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