Dec 182013


I don’t consider myself a seascape photographer. The idea of getting myself wet, and subjecting my hard earned money expensive camera to water, and even the slightest possibility of getting it damage is something I dont like to take a chance. However, there are occasions one just cannot resist, and this one is one of them.

All of these photos were taken in Phuket Thailand, at this Hotel Beach resort. I used my canon 5D Mark II with my wide angle lens (17-40mm L). And of course I needed a slower shutter speed to freeze the sea motion, some more than the other. So I used my LEE filters which I had a combination of 1 to 3 STOPS GND (Gradual Neutral Density).

I like to use the Rectangular film type filter, where you would require a special lens holder to put them in place. Below are the photos, if you have any question regarding the technique used or any of the terminology let me know.








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  12 Responses to “Seascape in Phuket Thailand”

  1. Really beautiful, Masha Allaah!!

  2. salaam salim, this one came at a good time for me as I am flying there this weekend. Pls provide a few more details about the lee filters as u mentioned that a combination of 1 to 3 stops you have used…does that mean you have used three filters together? I have a GND of Lee, not sure how many stops it is though !

    • Sanjoy, ND filters come into different power level, depending how much shutter speed you want to go low. One STOP means you can go down by half, for example for your shutter is 1/500, by putting on filters with one stop gradient, that would cut it to 1/250. And so forth and so on. In the above I needed 15 seconds shutter, so I used the 3 STOP filter to get me to that low.

      There are alot of brands, I am using LEE brand, but many brands are there. Just make sure its of good quality. Also the one I am using is filer rectangular type which I am using a special holder to slide it in front of them lens. But you could by the normal filters which you screw it on your lens

  3. Amazing shots! Love it!

  4. is this HDR photography technique? And could you tell me whether the 5D Canon Mark II is better than other canon dslr’s (e.g. 600, 1100D, etc.)

  5. Hi salim,

    The photos are amazing
    I plan to shoot a long exposure shot of the sea. How many stops ND filter (neutral density) filter should I need.?


    • Vasanth, it depends on the light the time you are shooting, the more light the more high gradient filter you need to cut off that light and achieve a slow shutter of 2 seconds and below, which you need to freeze the sea motion. See above comment which I explain the LEE Filters and its gradients STOPS

  6. Wow amazing photos.

  7. Hello Salim,
    Great Clicks..

    Regards, Haris

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