Dec 262013


My trip to Sri Lank is coming to an End. After busy six nights, I finally got the time to sit on my computer to update you of what I consider one of my favorite trip thus far. Sri Lanka is indeed Paradise on earth. I will divide my experience of Sri Lanka into days, so that I showcase as much photos as I can in accordance to what I saw and which place I visited in that particular day.


I would like to thank Mr. Rizmi, who was our guided tour person for six days, who also became a very good friend and brother. Without him most of the photos you see here wouldnt be possible. He is a great example of honesty, friendship and kindness. If you decide to go to Sri Lanka, I strongly suggest to call him, he will arrange you the tour in accordance to your need, in a very competitive price and as well take you to unique places to experience the beauty of Sri Lanka to its fullest. He will be the best companion in your trip in all aspects, and you will come back with amazing photos guaranteed. Call him at +94 729938855 (please tell him that I recommended)

Minneriya  National Park is a must place to visit to experience nature live, its is located Polonnaruwa district in Dambulla which is about 182KM away from Colmbo.  There you will see free behavior of various animals such as Elephant, deers, buffalo etc. To get the most out of this experience, a lens with a focal length of 200m and above is a must. I myself used my canon lens 70-200mm 2.8 on a Canon 5D Mark II Body and I believe its was more than sufficient to get the photos I needed. Here are the photos, hope you like them, let me know what you think?

PS/ On our way to the park, we had a quick pit stop, for fresh KING coconut and Jack Fruit, and I saw this very nice old man, I had to take a quick snap of him 🙂











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  8 Responses to “Sri Lanka Day One (Minneriya National Park)”

  1. Lovely Pics.. Salim
    Is Mr Rizmi is tour operator or he is doing personal bznz.
    Thanks for this info

    • Thanks Haris, He is doing personal business, trust me he is worth every dime, you will enjoy to the maximum. in my experience individual guide are much better and you will to places that matters the most for you, rather than forced placed just because the tour companies have special deals with those areas

  2. Wow Salim, I love the photos are Amazing.

  3. MashaAllah nice photos!

  4. Perfect shots of the animals you did……just like the one somebody had posted on FB from National Geographic on wild animals……

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