Jan 122014


Thank you class of 11th Jan, you have been fantastic student, I really enjoyed sharing my knowledge with you all. I hope the class was to your satisfaction?. Your comment and opinion below is appreciated it. Thanks


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  1. Beauty can be seen in all things, seeing and composing the beauty is what separates the snapshot from the photograph. – Matt Hardy

    Thank you Salim for the remarkable class, it was really motivating and exciting. You showed us the right path in photography, it is not to do with the camera, it’s the person behind the camera.

  2. Thank you very much….yes it is the photographer who makes a difference in the picture and with your expertise we had learn a lot on how to take great photos…cheers

  3. Thank you Salim, It was very informative course on photography. I learned a lot, got knowledge. I can see the difference between my earlier photos and present photos!!! This course definitely made deference… Your way of interacting with participants is excellent….

    In our group everyone will become great photographer from good photographer!!!!

    Thank you,,,,,,,,

  4. It was by chance I stumbled upon an article on Mr Salim Al Harty, in one of the local Dailies. I visited his work online and came to know he conducts training session for people who want to understand photography and would like to enhance their skills.

    Mr Salim a self-made success story has immense passion towards photography which is easily understood and absorbed in the 07 hours one spends in the class. His training session is well structured and his way of teaching the most technical aspects is simply amazing. He keeps the class simple and devotes enough time for each aspect. The session exceeds ones expectations, since Mr Salim easily associates with the mind of a budding photographers and address their concern.

    I recommend this session to those who wish learn and enjoy photography. I thank and wish him luck. 

     Ashvin Suryakant Patil

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