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Thank you class of 1st Feb, been amazing students, really enjoyed every bit of it, hope you all did as well. Let us know below how did you find the class?.

Dear All, this is the last class for a long time to come. I am very busy with my work and family and I just dont have the enough time these days. However, this doesnt mean I am done, I will be back again. Hence please register your email address below and the moment I announce a new photography class date, I will inform you all. Thanks again


  8 Responses to “Thank you Class of 1st Feb 2014”

  1. Its amazing.Had a wonderful session.It really helps me to get around my DSLR.Thanks Salim for your effort.Why don’t you arrange professional course for those who really need more?


    • Thanks Mahesh, I am glad you enjoyed yourself. The Problem I just dont have the time, I have alot of ideas when it comes to photography and the courses to teach, but my day job eats up all my time.

  2. Thoroughly enjoyed the class. For a starter, it definitely helps me bring out the most of what equipment I’ve got and to say ‘wisen’ me up for further purchases. Theory & practical oriented, interactive and a passion-for-photography filled room. And I got the training just in time for my hiatus :). Thanks Salim!

  3. Salim, thank you so much for a very interesting learning experience. The group was dynamic and the interaction was fruitful.Thank you for showing us the amazing possibilities with the gadget called camera and I sincerely hope that we can implement your teaching in our journey as photographers. thanks again, Sanjeev Seth

  4. Salim, It was a wonderful experience and much enjoyed your class. Though you have covered all the aspects of photographic lesson, i felt being there some more time & discuss about photography. I really appreciate if you conduct more classes in future for starters and organize competition event would be great help to sharpen our skills. Dr.Mohamed Arif

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