Feb 262014

Dear Salim,

Attached is some of wild life photos which i tried . The story of attached photos as follows,

1.Wild life/Parrot- I took this pic in Noman Park, Barka… waiting for the bird expression and natural color.
2. Wild life/ Bird- I took this pic Al sawadi beach  I like this pic because of her leadership style .. this bird leading others( True leadership)
3.Wild life/ Bird- I took this form Noman park, it was quit difficult to frame pic without cage.. i just to reference your blog.
4. Wild life/Camel- I took this near bark farm.. what like in this is very natural..
5. Wild life/ Peack- Took this in Noman Park, as it is “beautiful bird”
6. wild life/Bird- Took this pic while birds are flying .. it was quit natural “Take off””
7. Wild life/ Deer- My great passion in to wild life photography
8. Wild life/Bords- I like this pic for “cold reflection”

Thanks& regards,

Dr.Mohamed Arif








True leader



Anyone has awesome photos to share, please email them to me at (salimphoto@icloud.com) and please let us know the story behind them. Thanks

  4 Responses to “Wild Life Photos (Guest Post by Dr Mohammed Arif)”

  1. Waaaaw , mashAllah, Arif, you are amazing!i love all your pictures!

  2. Nice Pics Arif!! Time for me to also warm up my lens 🙂

  3. Thanks Leila for your compliments!! I just applied the tips what Mr.Salim taught during our class.

  4. Thanks Fatima. Look forward exchanging photographs /ideas together.

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