Mar 292014

Another successful photography class. All thanks goes to the wonderful student of Class of 29th March 2014. It was a pleasure teaching you all today, and I hope you enjoyed as much as I did.









  7 Responses to “Class of 29th March 2014 (Thank You)”

  1. I am really fortunate to have attended your wonderful class. It was really very useful, informal, and has kindled my interest in photography.

    I will follow your advise and will be in touch with you. Thank you very much for sharing your world of knowledge in photography.

    Warm regards,

  2. Salim,

    I was very pleased with your class today. I am excited to get out in the city this week and practice my new skills.

    My husband is very interested in taking a class with you. I think his skills are beyond the class you taught today. Do you teach any advanced or specialty classes?

    Annie Lombardi

    • Dear Annie

      I am glad you found the class useful. Unfortunately, I dont give any other Advance classes. As I said, I dont believe in different levels, what I tought today is all what one need to get him or her started to become a master.

      However, I do conduct Editing classes every now and than, which I believe to be extremely important. Will announce of the next one

  3. Hello Salim,

    We both enjoyed your class very much Saturday and learned a great deal.

    I hope to turn my camera off auto, become more creative, and think more about the composition.

    I have discovered what some of the other buttons were for and how to extend the range of photos I am able to take.

    Thank you once again
    Enlightening for us both.

    John and Marion.

  4. The Class was amazing. The way presented was outstanding.Thanks a lot.

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